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St Stephen's Day

St Stephen’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Like a number of other predominantly Roman Catholic nations around the world, Liechtenstein observes Saint Stephen’s Day as a national public holiday every 26 December.

202426 DecThuSt Stephen's Day
202526 DecFriSt Stephen's Day
202626 DecSatSt Stephen's Day
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In general, this is a time to continue celebrating what you started celebrating the day before, that is, on Christmas Day. Some visit friends and relatives on Saint Stephen’s Day. Others may just relax at home.

The story of Saint Stephen is found in the Biblical Book of Acts, in chapters six through eight. Stephen was the first to be martyred for his faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord, being stoned to death by the Jewish leaders in Roman Judaea. Interestingly, the name Stephen comes from the Greek word stephanos, meaning “victory crown or wreath”. And indeed, Stephen is seen as a great victor who was faithful to the death and whom the Lord gave a crown of life in Heaven.

But even non-religious people take advantage of the day off provided by Saint Stephen’s Day. It is like having a second Christmas, and who can argue with that?

Previous Years

202326 DecTueSt Stephen's Day
202226 DecMonSt Stephen's Day
202126 DecSunSt Stephen's Day
202026 DecSatSt Stephen's Day
201926 DecThuSt Stephen's Day
201826 DecWedSt Stephen's Day
201726 DecTueSt Stephen's Day